Permitted Development (England) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020

The Government has announced new permitted development rights for detached blocks of flats. These new regulations now allow Development consisting of works for the construction of up to two additional storeys of new dwellinghouses immediately above the existing topmost residential storey on a building.

This extension to PD comes with the typical raft of restrictions but the key considerations include: if the block of flats was granted under permitted development originally. This restriction will obviously remove rights for a number of buildings that gained consent under the popular office to residential conversion scheme. Rights are also restricted for small blocks, as the building needs to be at least 3 storeys in height, excluding the ground floor. Another interesting restriction that has been included is the construction timeframe, the rights only apply for buildings constructed after 1st July 1948, or before 5th March 2018. This restriction has seemingly been introduced to protect the integrity of new decisions made by local authorities and also to ensure that substandard accommodation is not further funded through increased yield. There are a total of 13 restrictions that will all need to be satisfied to quality for the new development rights and these considerations will be adjudicated as part of a prior approval application.

The complexities of new Permitted Development legislation can seem daunting but our professional development team can talk you through the issues and provide appraisals on any properties within your portfolio. So don’t hesitate call today.

New Permitted Development For Flats