Wyresdale Concrete

We have worked with Wyresdale on a number of complex planning cases at their main site. The subsequent permissions obtained have ensured that the company can remain one of the best recognised manufactures of concrete products in the landscaping and construction industries.

Website: www.wyresdaleltd.co.uk


Preston Plastics

Our Design Team has worked closely with Preston Plastcis for a number of years over which time they have established themselves as an industry-leading recycler of post-industrial plastic waste. Their work helps to reduce the quantity and range of waste plastic entering landfill and incineration, supporting your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and be a more sustainable organisation.


We have been working closely with Collinson plc now for over 20 years, securing permission for numerous expansion projects at their main site. The Design Team has also been able to assist in the diversification of the company helping to secure permission for numerous sports halls all over the UK.



GA Associates has a longstanding relationship with Malmo which dates back to the very beginning when the Design Team secured planning permission for the main shop off Anyon Lane. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength, and the Prest family have remained valued clients most recently commissioning GA Associates to undertake residential works in the farm yard to the rear of the main shop.

website: www.malmoguns.com