Residential Development Sites- 2019

After another successful year gaining approval on some really exciting residential development projects we are delighted to bring the following sites to the market. With the General Election now out the way and a majority Government established, we are expecting a strong 2020 for the development industry. This growth is forecast on the back of a resurgence in consumer spending and increased general investment within the industry.

The Government have reaffirmed the target of building 300,000 homes per year in England and following the recent election result a number of Council’s will now be under serious pressure to get stalled Local Plans moving again. This will create a number of opportunities for shrewd developers to promote land and gain allocations or profit from speculative development, capitalising on a lack of supply/ delivery.

The result is also likely to have significant implications on the eagerly awaited Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). It is well documented that the GMSF has been struggling to progress in the wake of the election but nobody anticipated the largest Conservative majority since 1987. Even more unpredictable was the New Government taking a local gain within Greater Manchester, amounting to more than double the seats they had previously. The most notable implications of this seismic political shift, on the Plan, clearly centre on a heavy reliance on Green belt release and a resurgent government who is very outspoken in their views regarding the unacceptability of Green Belt loss.

We also await the publication of the latest Housing Delivery results that are anticipated for release in February 2020. With a number of Council’s having adopted plans since the last figures were released, the demands associated with meeting the requirements of their Objectively Assessed Needs figure will have significantly increased.

From land promotion, sales, architectural / planning services, site appraisals and opportunity search exercises, Graham Anthony Associates can provide a full range of cost effective services. The quality of these resources will allow your Residential Development business to stand out within an extremely competitive industry.

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