If you commission a project with Graham Anthony Associates what you are getting is not just a highly skilled designer with the latest digital software at their disposal, what you are getting is a multidisciplinary Design Team capable of managing all aspects of your project from commission to construction.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we have both qualified professional Planners, Land Agents, and Designers under the same roof removing the need for outsourcing. This amalgamation of professional skill sets means that you can be confident in the knowledge that the design approach developed not only meets all of your requirements, but is also going to gain that all important Planning Approval. This level of service, and our proven track record of results, allows us to rival even the largest multidisciplinary corporations at a far more competitive price point.

Therefore, whether you’re looking to undertake home improvements or develop a new business park, we can tailor a Design Team to your individual needs, whatever the scale.